Early Years: 1882-1913

Glenora began as part of River Lot 2, a parcel of land in the newly created Dominion of Canada.  Malcolm Alexander Groat, a Scottish employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Edmonton staked his claim in 1870 and was granted title in 1887 within Treaty 6 First Nations and Metis territory.  
Settlement around Fort Edmonton: 1882
(Source:  Edmonton’s West Side Story, Lori Yanish and Shirley Lowe, Copyright: 124 St and Area Business Association 1991)
Certificate of Title granted to Malcolm Groat, for River Lot 2: April 22, 1887
(Source:  City of Edmonton Archives, Clipping File for Malcolm Groat)
Malcolm Groat, shown after his retirement in 1903, a respected and prominent citizen of the City of Edmonton: 1903
(Source: Provincial Archives of Albert Ernest Brown Collection)
Wooden Bridge across Groat Ravince c. 1909
Newly constructed iron bridge with EP+Y rail tracks in foreground.