Houses Between The Wars, 1918 – 1939: 


The influence of Arts and Crafts design diminished and most homes built favoured  Architectural Revival styles such as Colonial Revival, Storybook Revival and Tudor Revival  . The scale of the homes tended to be less grand than the previous period and were usually only 2 storeys high.   Architects R.P. Blakey, Magoon and Macdonald and E.C. Hopkins designed many homes in the neighbourhood during this time period in a mini-building boom described  as the “ Golden Age of Architecture” in Glenora. An Englishman , Ernest Litchfield, designed and built many Storybook Revival houses, some of which became affectionately referred to as the “ Gingerbread” houses.  The use of brick for exteriors declined while stucco or wood became more common finishes.