Businesses & Services:  1911 – 1944


The Carruthers Caveat prohibited businesses in the area of Glenora, west of Groat Ravine. As a result, businesses and services developed on the periphery of the neighbourhood, particularly along 124th Street, then known as Edwards Street. To access a greater variety of goods than offered by local businesses, Glenora residents could shop downtown at James Ramsey’s Department Store in the newly built Tegler Building.  Mr. Ramsey, a well known Glenora resident, offered high quality, sophisticated goods he sourced on his extensive travels.  Early businesses providing services to Glenora residents included Milton McCray’s garage to repair and store vehicles, Giles Meat Market, and the Glenora Service Station.  Milk, ice, bread, and coal were delivered to homes by horse and wagon.  Fresh vegetables were grown and delivered by Chinese gardeners who had gardens below and east of Government House.