Glenora’s Golden Age of Architecture:  1918 – 1945


The influence of Arts and Crafts design diminished and most homes built favoured Architectural Revival styles such as Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival, Storybook Revival and Tudor Revival.  The scale of the homes tended to be less grand than the previous period and were usually only 2 storeys high. 


Architects R.P. Blakey, Magoon and Macdonald and E.C. Hopkins designed many homes in the neighbourhood during this time period in a mini-building boom described  as the ‘Golden Age of Architecture’ in Glenora. An Englishman , Ernest Litchfield, designed and built many Storybook Revival houses, some of which became affectionately referred to as the ‘Gingerbread’ houses.  The use of brick for exteriors declined while stucco or wood became more common finishes.  Many of these homes were added to the City of Edmonton’s Inventory of Historical Resources between 2015 and 2016.