Establishing the Association


In 2011 the City of Edmonton’s residential zoning bylaw was amended to intensify development city-wide. Under this change, in 2012, one of the first development proposals that came forward in Glenora was the rezoning of a property on 102 Avenue from single detached to semi-detached residential.


Bryan Robinson, a concerned resident of Capital Hill, alerted the community of the proposed impact of the redevelopment and mobilised neighbours to discuss how the development may alter the single-family character of the historic area.  A meeting was convened on February 12, 2012, attended by over 20 residents from the community. There was a discussion on the intention of the historic restrictive caveat of 1911 that places restrictions on development activity specifically in the area. The restriction, known as the Carruthers Caveat, was named after James Carruthers who owned much of the mostly undeveloped land at the time and whose vision led to the subdivision of the area as an attractive Garden City Suburb.       


In the months that followed and with further development pressures mounting, consensus emerged in the neighbourhood of the need to organise an association to advocate for the conservation of the area’s character. Working with property owners and developers would be key to ensuring compliance with the Carruthers Caveat and respecting the existing architecture that is essential to the attraction of the area. 


To consider this proposal a task force was organised with the objectives of the Association to:


Preserve the single family neighbourhoods of Old Glenora and Capital Hill by defending the conditions of the Carruthers Caveat to influence development issues in the community;


Educate buyers, realtors, developers, and new and existing residents about the terms, conditions and obligations of the Caveat;


Educate the public with respect to the history, the architecture and the beauty of the Old Glenora and Capital Hill areas of the City of Edmonton.


As a result on August 16, 2013, the Old Glenora Conservation Association was incorporated with David Finlay, Bryan Robinson and David Percy as founding officers.