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The OGCA was established, in the Fall of 2013, to be a voice for residents interested in protecting the heritage of our historic community and maintaining the terms and conditions of the Carruthers Caveat – which is meant to preserve Old Glenora and Capital Hill as a location of single-family homes, where both residents and visitors can enjoy the charms of this historic neighbourhood.


The Carruthers Caveat was originally registered on each title in 1911, by James Carruthers, to preserve the integrity of his vision for a “Garden City Suburb”, a well-recognized planning  concept in the late 1800’s  and early 1900’s and exists on most lots in the Old Glenora and Capital Hill area. The preservation and enforcement of this Caveat is critical!


The Carruthers Caveat has been upheld each time there has been a court action with the most recent decision being in November, 2014, when a decision of a lower court was upheld by the Alberta Court of Appeal. We hope that developers and others who try to skirt the conditions of the Caveat are getting the message that the community is serious about upholding the Caveat!


The current threat to the neighbourhood is the City’s Infill Policy which allows:

    1. Secondary Suites: basement, garden or garage suites;

    2. Lots to be sub-divided to a minimum of 25’, in order to allow one (1) ‘Skinny House per 25’ lot.

The first item is in contravention of the Caveat so the OGCA will assist any residents in fighting these proposed developments. The status of the second item is unclear, but it may be allowable, by the Caveat, providing there is a 25’ set-back, in addition to the 25’ minimum width.

In addition to upholding the Caveat, the OGCA has also played an instrumental leadership role in securing the completion of the Glenora Historic Resources Inventory and has successfully advocated for the upcoming development of Heritage Character Zoning to protect the heritage of the area.


To continue to be an effective lobby group we need to be seen as speaking for the widest possible constituency of Old Glenora and Capital Hill residents, thus the importance of your becoming a Member.


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